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Florence Pugh in Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth, starring Florence Pugh, Sixty Six Pictures, directed by William Oldroyd. (2017)

Candy Floss short Film

Candy Floss (short), Haus Pictures, directed by Jed Hart (2016)

Containment Feature Film

Containment, starring Lee Ross & Louise Brealey. Bright Cold Days Films, Neil West (2015)

The Krays - Mad Axeman
Back of Beyond Film

The Krays - Mad Axeman  (2020)

Back of Beyond (short), starring Iwan Rheon & Martin McCann, directed by Michael Lennox (2012)

Other Recent Film credits

Heretic, Grasp the Nettle Films, Dean Puckett, 2023

Come Out Fighting (promo) What Now Productions, Nick Bamford, 2023

Firefly (short), Anne-Marie Scragg, 2022

Through Whose Eyes (short), Nicole Bailey, 2022

Casuals (Pilot): NFTS, Harry Lee, 2021

We Are Tourists: LTTT Limited, Remy Bazerque, 2015

No More Tiaras (Karen Millen Commercial): Mary Nighy, 2014

SAGA Holidays Commercial: Michael Lennox, 2012

Hunting Bears (short): LFS, Cheryl Ford, 2012

Modified: Event Films, Paul Cotrulia, 2012

Nine Lives (Short): NFTS, Michael Lennox, 2011


Checkpoint (short): NFTS, Rob Petit, 2010

Stunt Performance
 Lost Viking Film

The Lost Viking (2018)

Tornado Films, Emmet Cummins

The Knife That Killed Me Film

The Knife That Killed Me (2014) Kit Monkman & Marcus Romer

Viking Series 1

Vikings (2013)

Season 1: Episode 7, Take Five/

History Channel, Ken Girotti

Ironclad Film
Faintheart Film

Ironclad (2011) Mythic International Entertainment, Jonathan English

Faintheart (2008) Vertigo Films, Vito Rocco

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